Paul Tudor Jones – What He Should’ve Said

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At some panel discussion consisting of rich, white, middle-aged men at some school talking about something which has nothing to do with the question below Paul Tudor Jones on the panel received this “question” from the audience:

“Please reflect on the makeup of the panel; rich, white, middle-aged men, who were mentored by the same and what it takes for someone different to have seat at the table and find and share their voices from a powerful place.”

In other words “How comes alls you gots is white folk up there?”

or, “where’s da womenz?”

and “Whatchya gonna do about it?”

To that Paul Tudor Jones should have told whoever wrote that question to f-off. He should have said that and not commented on it at all because the “question” isn’t a question. It’s primarily an insinuation that one is racist, and sexist and even “ageist” and “elitist” in this particular phrasing, and secondarily that there is also an obligation to take positive steps in changing the “makeup of the panel” in this case.

This particular tactic has been around a long time. It’s meant to instil guilt and shame not only to the people it’s directed against but to the observer. The questioner is saying this person, group, organization etc. is racist/sexist and they better do something to diversify i.e. not be all white and definitely not all white and male.

It is always put against whites. It’s often put against white males.

So to my fellow whites and my fellow males don’t answer such questions as if they were genuine. Whether the questioner themselves are even aware of it, what they are doing is trying to instill guilt and shame in you merely for being white, merely for being a man and god forbid finding brotherhood within that. They are also telling you that you can’t do that, you can’t be all white, you can’t have all males. You better break that up and “diversify”. So next time tell them to f-off.