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As the tagline currently states this is the blog IAIWM (International Association for the Interests of Whites and Males) as created and hosted by yours truly DiwataMan. You may know me from my interests in the George Zimmerman case. Currently the IAIWM only exists as it is here on this simple blog and in my mind. I am under no illusion that the IAIWM will become some grand institution that changes the world.

This blog is meant primarily to express my thoughts and to invite others to partake in conversations focusing on the interest of Whites and Males. Secondarily it is meant to inform on the interests of Whites and Males. And lastly it is meant to inspire people to take action for the interests of Whites and Males, which essentially means do something besides just sit there behind your computer and complain.

What this site is not:
This site is not about hating other races or nationalities.
This site is not about hating women or feminists.
This site is not about hating people of any religious and/or political stripe.

If anyone attempts to make this site into any of that I will ban you. If all you want is to complain about some other race, nation, women, feminists, religion or political philosophy then go somewhere else, this is not the place for you. If all you bring to the table is complaints of “blacks”, “Jews”, “leftists”, “the media” “Marxists” etc. I will ban you. I am not interested in speaking in generalities. I am not interested in slogans. I’m interested in discussion about the actual person, place, thing, topic, subject etc. not crude single minded remarks.

That being said no doubt topics regarding those aspects will come up and indeed be part of the site and conversation but those topics will be handled in a way in which its intent is not to inspire hate and anger of some other group or ideology rather the intent is in how it relates to some problem one sees or feels is present in society which then in turn relates to the interests of Whites and or Males and sometimes particularly White Males.

My story regarding my involvement in the George Zimmerman case is a prime example of the spirit of this blog. To attempt to sum up the complex nature of it truly does it a disservice but for the sake of brevity allow me to attempt to explain how that relates here.

What I have seen in the George Zimmerman case I really don’t think can be said of any other legal case. I have seen people of all religions, political philosophies and even color come together in recognition of the wrongs that have been committed in this case. The legal case against George, though also containing many wrongs, is merely the effect though; what are the causes? The roots of the main wrong committed some recognized right away, however many are still coming to recognize those roots. Notice I used the plural “roots” as there is no one simple explanation for it. It cannot be simply attributed to simple notions of “the race card”, “the BGI”, financial and or political gain. No doubt those are elements but those are not the only elements. Those reflect the complexity of human nature and the current society we find ourselves in.

One way I like to look at it is how is it someone like Benjamin Crump can operate in the reckless and brazen fashion he has without fear of repercussion? And worse still with such acceptance and even encouragement from society? And even worse still be successful at it? Clearly there are elements in society which have to be explored in order to understand such a thing. The George Zimmerman case has provided us with an excellent record of many of those elements. We have been able to examine, though not the complete picture, the operation and the handling of it from the local police all the way up to the president himself.

There are many, even Mark O’Mara himself, coming to recognize that there is just something fundamentally wrong here, something that needs to be fixed. They just aren’t quite sure of what that is, at least not completely. This is why I bring up some criticism of O’Mara on my DiwataMan blog. He recognizes what Crump has done and is doing to George is wrong, he just doesn’t see that wrong as it relates to the larger problem which he is even associated with on a personal ideological level.

This case and what it is doing to people is causing them to question their very beliefs about society. It’s causing them to examine themselves in what they’ve always felt to be true and coming to question that. That’s a hard thing to deal with in which the reaction of many is aversion. It’s hard to look inward on one’s own beliefs and question them, it can even be downright terrifying at times.

Before the George Zimmerman case I also explored the world of what I call masculism and before that feminism. Through that exploration I feel a need is justified for a concentration in the interests of Males. And so that is the other aspect I will incorporate into this blog and you might be amazed as a newcomer as to how the two issues are interrelated and connected hence the birth of the International Association for the Interests of Whites and Males (IAIWM).

My desire is to enjoy, examine and find the truth as it pertains to the many complex but sometimes simple and underlying but sometimes overt issues regarding the Interests of Whites and Males. My goal is to discuss, inform and act as it pertains to the many complex but sometimes simple and underlying but sometimes overt issues regarding the Interests of Whites and Males. All of which I will strive to do in a positive manner in the Interests of Whites and Males. Anyone wishing to do the same is welcome here.


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  1. Dman this is a very necessary topic. I am a mother of 3 sons, and I relate very well to the issues that they faced, especially at school. That was a long time ago, but things have gotten worse, not better for the male of the species.

  2. You can be rest assured, DM, that by choosing a name like that, you have invited scrutiny of this blog by various parts of the DOJ and IRS. 🙂 I keep insisting that the problem exhibited by the Zimmerman case is not racial but legal. We have an adversarial justice system in the US which can and does cause severe problems when one side has more talented or greater financial resources that the other. When I suggest we can learn from other countries, I am aghast how mad I make some people, especially American lawyers. Now a quick question, is gun control for, against or neutral towards the interests of whites and males?

  3. Great idea Dman. My hat is off to you for having the courage.

    My one stipulation is that advancing the interest of White Males will in the end advance the interests of all of society. The Zimmerman-Martin shooting is disturbing because it exposes the consequences of the pernicious effects of feminist dogma within the African – American subculture and it’s consequences. A welfare state that enables the majority of women in the AA community to have children out of wedlock by successive, unidentified fathers is the feminists ideal. The result is a subculture that raises it’s sons to become feral humans then compels them to engage in a Darwinian struggle for short term, sexual access to females. The carnage was predictable.

    Eventually, society must realize that just as atoms with their protons, neurons and electrons united, are the basic building blocks of molecules, the traditional family with biological mother, biological father and their children united are the building blocks of civilized society.

  4. i Have never liked the term white, I consider myselfian Ethic European more specifically a Nordic Celt.I have in common with other Europeans the history culture and Indo European languages. (not that some non Info European languages such as Ugaric,in Finland and Hungary,Ashkenazic Jews are not part of us).

    The Zimmerman case reminds of two former cases one the Reginald Denny incident and Richard Jewell. both of those lives were irrecoverably altered for the worse..the idea that some people with historical grievance should be allowed special treatment in regard to the law as it pertains to criminal law and self defense is very odious indeed. Part of the issue is the general incompetence and simple mindedness of the media today. There are no Edward R Murrow’s what passes for journalism are highly attractive v, culturally ignorant ,historically logically challenged i News,readers.

  5. There was a movie about Segregation and Civil Rights, in which the young black men waited for service at the Woolworth café counter, as part of their protest.

    An old white women came up to one of the black men and asked, “What took you so long?”

    That’s what I wanna say to D-Man.

    Its about damn time! Good work!

  6. Good for you and good luck. I must say it is very difficult to advocate in this enviroment with out sounding like you are complaining about the people who benefit from the marginalization of White males.

    • Hello MuayTyson, I have been following your conversation since CTH, and I commented on D-Man’s blog a minute ago, and mentioned you.

      I did find it funny that you felt the need to mention that you had an Asian wife, as though that would buy you some points from being disregarded as a white nationalist.

      What your wife said is true, why can’t whites have a network to talk about what is happening, and empower and support each other in a world where their value is fast diminishing. Good woman that.

      But you don’t need to use her ethnicity as a way to be heard, without being judged. Your argument stand nicely enough on its own!

  7. Thanks Rick but like all of us I have my moments and no one wants to be attacked or labled. I guess it is kinda like, “I have a friend……”. No matter what people think they can lable others not on their behavior but on thier thoughts and words. I appreciate it.

    • I think the fact that your wife is Asian is relevant. You probably have had some different life experiences because of it and that’s something worth exploring.

  8. Pug,
    I would say the most relevant fact is she comes from a very nationalist people(like most Asians). Those same people do not count the geographic boarders as the beginning and end to the nation but the people who share the same blood as the nation. She is dumbfounded as to the behavior of Whites wether they are American/Canadian or European. Her take is if they don’t fight for themselves then they only have themselves to blame. Trust me her people do not make this mistake, yes they have squabbles and issues among themselves like any family or extended family but if another people step in then they will act cohesively.
    I have a unique perspective my own thoughts and beliefs and her thoughts and beliefs.

    I think Asians and White interact and create the the best socities when mixed maybe not as strong as homogenous societies but they tend to get along without to much conflict.

  9. “This blog is meant primarily to express my thoughts and to invite others to partake in conversations focusing on the interest of Whites and Males. Secondarily it is meant to inform on the interests of Whites and Males. And lastly it is meant to inspire people to take action for the interests of Whites and Males, which essentially means do something besides just sit there behind your computer and complain.”

    Technically, Crump can participate to the IAIWM. But, ….

  10. Respecting the tears of a woman, being incited by the tears of a black mother, will bring trouble, the likes of which we have never known before.

    The whole Justice for Trayvon movement, the race riots, terrorizing of innocent whites ruthless savagery and thuggery was empowered by tears of Sybrina Fulton.

    That was the go ahead, the flag being brought down, all gloves were off and it is on. There is no turning back from this. They’ve gotten away with too much. They will continue to get away with it, because we have no clue how to oppose the forces of Kali (see blog, click my name)

    They will take however much they can, and leave this nation destitute. Three more years of this madness, imagine!

  11. We may possibly have arrived to a situation where we can actually make headway. Obama conduct and policies may ultimately be infinitely more persuasive than any logical argument we could make. We still will have to make the arguments, but now is the time to start making them because more people are listening than ever before. Imagine you are on the battlefields of Virginia a hundred and fifty years ago. There must be a voice that says, “It’s time to stop the rout. Turn and stand your ground!” The enemy will not ever stop; we will have to make them stop.

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